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I am an artist who loves graphic design, photography and painting Russian and Byzantine style icons.

My appreciation for graphic design showed itself early. At age ten I purchased the Herman Hesse calendar illustrated by Milton Glaser. The study of graphic design was a fascination throughout my adolescence. Sometime later I began practicing graphic design professionally—one of my logo designs was published in Print's Regional Design Annual.

While living in Boston, I self-published a book titled Boston Signage, an 89-page book of photographs that explores the aesthetically satisfying business signs found around the Boston area. Currently, I live on the North Shore where I spend a lot of time designing, painting and photographing Crane's Beach and Plum Island.

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Apart from the visual arts, I enjoy traveling, treasure hunting at flea markets, listening to live music, cooking, NPR, visiting with friends, and playing with my nephews.

I may be reached by email at
or by phone at 617-894-1302.

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